Pumpable Cribs

100_0099Pumpable Crib Bags – Roof Support
NTI Global manufacturers and now provides Pumpable Crib Bags for use in support, for underground construction and mining projects, in addition to our wide variety of products for the mining industry. Our pumpable / inflatable crib bag assembles for supporting a mine roof includes a generally cylindrical bag having top and bottom ends for retaining and confining a liquid settable grout to be pumped into the bag. The liquid settable grout is pumped through a fill port located at the top end of the bag.

Manufactured with a heavy gage rip resistant fabric with high tear and pressure resistance for optimal performance. NTI Global Pumpable Crib Bags are designed to be secured to the mine roof, which are then filled with grout or foam cement. Available in five standard sizes ranging from 20” to 36” diameter and various heights. Standard color available in Yellow. Quick turnaround on orders to meet your next projects deadlines. Contact our sales representative
at 800-947-7767.